42 Acres of Land in Somerset

Today we are sharing a blog post from our co-founders, Seth & Lara, offering some inspiring insights into their vision and work, their own lives, and all they have co-created and continue to do so with 42.

“We don’t have dreams, they have us.

If I had a dream, it would be to feel so completely trusting of everything and everyone; trusting that everything in life and in death holds me safely and lovingly, and that there is nothing to fear. That’s the place I dream to live from: to a destination unknown, beyond my sense of me“

  • -Seth Tabatznik

The dream of 42 Acres is to create a connected network of as many global sanctuaries as may be asked of us, which serve to inspire aliveness in all of us. To be fully alive means to explore how and what we eat, how we connect and communicate with ourselves and others, how we tend to and steward land, how we work; essentially, how we live in this incarnation.  42 Acres is a philosophy for how we live our most expansive life in action, from the depths of our soul.

42 Acres is a space of service. We reinvest all our profits to regenerate the land and into further development of the spaces that comprise it. As a team, we operate from a place of service: we live, work and create in service of human and planetary wellbeing, regenerating soils, guts and souls through reminding others, and thus ourselves too, of our inherent true nature. Through serving others we serve ourselves, and through serving ourselves we serve others – they are interchangeable.  We must claim and embody who and what we wish to see in the outer world. In order to inspire aliveness in others and create lasting change, we must start with our own selves and how we operate as a team (for example, balancing Being with Doing), as well as how we design and connect with the spaces we inhabit.

42 Acres  is named in honour of the land of the first retreat space in Somerset (which we all depend on) – our first sanctuary. The number 42 shares many powerful meanings in in numerology, and it is also known as the answer to the ultimate Question of Life, the universe and everything, in the classic book A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

This first retreat venue in Somerset has supported many pioneers, from Tony Riddle of the Natural Living Movement, to wise elders of Spiritual Ecology such as Satish Kumar.

We are committed to practising what we preach: all our electricity comes from solar, and heat from our own biomass boiler, where we plant and harvest the trees on our land. Our ‘soil to gut’ food philosophy includes homegrown and home-made sauerkrauts, foraged ingredients and holistic grazing to improve soil fertility.

Our second space, in Shoreditch, aims to pioneer a new generation of conscious coworking, where humans can align work and life to maximise both productivity and wellbeing, as well as bring our once rural retreats to an urban environment.

Like a forest, we continue to look for opportunities to grow into new spaces and establish a diverse ecosystem around our beautiful planet. Through inspiring retreats, workspaces, community and events, natural food and regenerative farming, our dream is for all beings to flourish and to awaken to their highest potential. We aim to be guided by nature and the billions of years of balanced technology it has developed. Our spaces support people’s journey towards their highest self, through retreats, work-life, lifestyle, community and events, food, farming and foraging; and we work with aligned practitioners, teachers and partners who share our beliefs.

At 42 Acres we prefer asking questions to offering solutions, so:

What’s alive in you in this moment?

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