42 Acres was founded by siblings Lara and Seth in order to consciously create space for connection. Their collaboration was organic. Lara's work in human rights allowed her to understand that effective outer change must start from within. Seth's interest in renewable energy and food sustainability cultivated his passion for regenerative farming. Together, their aligned values and beliefs have brought together a unique range of expertise from a diverse group of individuals.

Lara Tabatznik
Co Founder

Lara is the co-founder of 42 Acres. On her journey of inner-work and personal transformation, it became clear to her that true change comes from within.

During her time of self-discovery, Lara was privileged to both experience and witness how healing work can transform people. She felt a calling to create a dedicated home for others to have these life-changing experiences. A safe space for those with the desire to grow, dive deeper and actively engage with the world.

Lara dreams of combining her worlds of social change, consciousness and transformation –with a firm belief that when you allow yourself to go deeper inside, you can go further outside.

She previously founded Bertha Foundation, and aims to bring leadership and transformation into the organisation.

Seth Tabatznik
Co Founder

Seth is the co-founder of 42 Acres, bringing his commitment and passion for the environment into the initiative. Since 2011, he’s managed Berti Investments, which supports young, environmentally focused businesses in the UK.

Previously working in central London, frequently found staring at a computer screen, Seth realised that his worlds of nature, self and impact were misaligned. He now lives in Somerset, working remotely on impact investments, evolving his home into a self sufficient farm and nature reserve.

Martin White

Martin manages the day to day of the physical property and landscape at 42 Acres. The joy of working on the landscape is you can never tire of the rejuvenation of the Spring of both flora and a new generation of wildlife, the growth of winter planting and working the woods in the winter. Like his shark namesake, he refuses to live, or work in the captivity of walls. There has to be freedom to roam.

Rachel Carr-Hill
House Manager

Rachel is on a journey of inner transformation, and first came to 42 ACRES as a massage therapist. She loved it so much she joyfully accepted the opportunity to be the House Manager when it arrived.  Her core values are freedom, love, authenticity and joy, which she feels able to express through her work at 42 ACRES, aligning to it’s vision: “A world where we embody our true nature.”

Rachel is inspired by helping people free themselves, and feels that being on retreat at 42 ACRES creates space for people to start this process of awakening. Although not native to Somerset, she loves it, and has lived here now for 11 years with her husband, daughters and cats.

Rachel looks forward to greeting you at 42 ACRES, with open arms, on your arrival!


We work closely with the land and its natural resources with all our power being generated by bio-mass and solar. Our solar panel serves not just the retreat but in times of excess energy we provide power for local homes.

Our interiors are made from reclaimed materials produced locally by learned craftsman. Our organic soaps and shampoos are hand made by Somerset based Victoria Ogilvy using only pure essential oils, natural ingredients and infusions. In the kitchen, we make every effort to reduce food waste and avoid single-use plastic.

42 ACRES Shoreditch

Discover our city retreat in Shoreditch, London. Located in a beautiful Old School House, 42 Acres Shoreditch is a fusion of natural light, peaceful serenity, and powerful community collaboration on a wide variety of events. From yoga sessions to deep meditation, thought-provoking panel discussions to book launches, nutritional therapy to food regeneration, you will explore a complete journey into the inner world through both ancient wisdom and current research.

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