Being in Heart – Three day transformational women’s retreat

Mar 6 - 8 2020

The Being in Heart Retreats are my invitation to you to 
re-align yourselves with your most authentic, true and abundant selves. Reconnecting to the possibility of living led by the sacred space of your heart.

Most of us live dictated and directed solely by our minds. Thrown around in a whirlwind of noise, limiting belief systems, programming and past stories. 

We have become so identified with the noise in our minds that we believe with full conviction that this is our life. This is who we are. Which is simply not the truth.

We end up living lives other people wanted for us or become the people we felt we should be, or were expected to be, rather than who we truly are.

In Eastern Philosophies the heart is known as the House of Shen. The space in which all answers should come. In the Being in Heart retreat we will travel the powerful and transformational journey of breaking out of the limitations of the mind and drop deeply into the heart space. Reconnecting to our truth, learning to trust and listen to what we truly want and dream of. And reclaiming the courage and power we need to change the trajectory of our lives to restore to authentic alignment.

So that we can experience the best things that life has to offer us. Intimacy, joy, connection, fulfilment, play, love and peace.

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Practitioner: Nicky Clinch

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