Rising Rooted – A retreat for women, exploring the embodied activism of living cyclically

Feb 27 - Mar 1 2020

In this four day retreat, surrounded by Somerset’s ancient woodland and wild meadows, we will playfully devote ourselves as students to the connection with our bodies and their cyclical rhythms, as part of the cyclical blueprint of life. Join Ruby May and Advaya founders Christabel and Ruby Reed for an immersion into nourishment, enquiry and connection,  as we deepen our understanding of how this primary relationship is the foundation for our sense of home and belonging and how we interact with the world around us.

In a world that feels increasingly chaotic and fragmented, whatever new story and new systems we long for, our body plays a critical role in both our ability to navigate these times, and the role we individually and collectively play in creating a better future. In our quest to respond to the challenges we face, many of us are aware of the temptation to adopt strategies that come from the same paradigm and disconnected ways of relating, that created the very mess we find ourselves in.

Through guided meditation, gentle bodywork, somatic practices and play, we will embrace the ‘Yin’ principle of life and practice slowing down, cultivating our curiosity and sensitivity in listening to the inspiration and guidance of our bodies:

How does the story of separation live within our bodies and how can our body-connection support our sense of interdependence and unity with life?

What would life be like if we experienced ourselves ‘being’ a body, rather than ‘having a body’, and how can our body awareness support us to dismantle the ways that oppressive systems live within us?  

What could listening to the cyclicality of our wombs reveal about wholeness and balance and how does that relate to activism, self-care, creativity and supporting the emergence of new systems?

The danger of the cultural movement towards ‘wellness’ and ‘mindfulness’, is that we simply learn to resource ourselves so that we can continue business as usual. Let’s come together as women* who care deeply for the well-being of our planet and each other, who wish to experience life beyond the disconnection and scarcity that we’ve been ingrained with.


Through taking a step out of life, coming together in shared intention and focusing on how we relate to our own bodies, we can explore systems change from the ground up.

It is this time precisely, when the seeming darkness and chaos are bringing a collective death all around us, to tap into our life force to create new life, to respond to the call of evolution and become the bearers of new life. The power to do this requires we slow down, befriend our bodies and listen deep within; the joy and inspiration to create is activated through the liberation of eros – our creative life energy. This power is the same power that makes a seed blossom, same life force carrying nutrition from the roots of a tree to its fruits, same nectar the bee carries from a thousand flowers to her hive. It is the wisdom of the cycle: rooting deep into ourselves and our connection to life, and rising into inspired action, out into the world!

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